Smart Energy

Computer Science 7 (Computer Networks and Communication Systems)

FAU Contact:
Pruckner, Marco Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Bazan, Peter Dr.-Ing.

Electricity production from renewable energies is subject to strong fluctuations, especially in the case of solar and wind energy. The mismatch between supply and demand is resolved on the one hand by controlling conventional power plants, on the other hand by energy storage or by shifting peak demand on the demand side. The expansion of renewables also requires more decentralized coordinated units (e.g., in houses or communities) rather than large centralized units.

The entire system of power grid and communication network combined with storage and the continued efficient use of fossil fuels must ensure a reliable and cost-effective energy supply. We develop simulation models for the analysis, design, and control of such systems: on a smaller scale for microgrids (combined producers and consumers trying to remain self-sufficient) and on a larger scale for the main aspects of the energy system of a region or state.

Related Project(s)

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ASEV: Decentralized Provision of Ancillary Services with Electric Vehicles
Jonas Schlund
(01/04/2019 - 31/12/2020)
dOzEn: Decentralized organization of future energy systems based on the combination of blockchains and the cellular concept
Jonas Schlund
(01/01/2018 - 31/03/2019)
Control of energy systems based on self-learning algorithms
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marco Pruckner
Multi Battery Systems (MBS): Multi Battery Systems - Hybrid and New Storage Simulation Tool
Prof. Dr. Reinhard German
(01/05/2017 - 30/04/2020)
Communication in energy information networks
Prof. Dr. Reinhard German; Dr.-Ing. Kai-Steffen Hielscher

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