motion capturing

Chair of Applied Dynamics

FAU Contact:
Bentaleb, Toufik, Ph.D.
Phutane, Uday
Penner, Johann


Motion capture (Mo-cap for short) is the process of recording the movement of objects or people.

Related Project(s)

Computational and experimental biomechanics
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sigrid Leyendecker
(A dynamic manikin with fiber-based modeling of skeletal musculature):
DYMARA: Muscle paths in the biomechanical simulation of human movement and MBS integration
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sigrid Leyendecker
(01/12/2016 - 30/11/2019)
MKS-Menschenmodelle: Optimal control of biomechanical MBS-Digital Human Models for simulation in the virtual assembly planning
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sigrid Leyendecker
(01/11/2015 - 31/03/2021)

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