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FAU Contact:
Brem, Alexander Prof. Dr.
Nylund, Petra Dr.


With digitalization and Web 2.0 technologies revolutionizing the world, "value co-creation" and "open innovation" is high on agenda for both academia and business. Innovation is no more restricted to the boundaries of R&D departments of individual organizations but is coming from a wider range of stakeholders including customers, suppliers, among others. New methods of integrating both external and internal stakeholders are being extensively explored to be innovative and stay competitive.  

At the Chair of Technology Management, within this research area, we primarily focus on the integration of user-centric approaches in technology-oriented companies.

In particular, we aim to answer the following research questions:

  • Which ways exist to integrate "Crowdsourcing" and "Prediction Markets" in R&D oriented environments?
  • How to interact with users like customers and suppliers in innovation projects?
  • How can organizations in times of digitization identify and work with "Lead Users"?  
  • What are the challenges and opportunities experienced in integrating "Lead Users" into the innovation process?
  • How to innovate more responsible ("Responsible Research and Innovation" RRI)?

Assigned publications

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