Deep geothermal energy

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Bauer, Wolfgang Dr.


Ziel ist die Charakterisierung und das verbesserte geologische Verständnis des Reservoirs, wodurch dessen Erschließung und Produktivität optimiert werden kann. Hierbei konzentriert sich der Lehrstuhl für Geologie auf die Themen seismische Interpretation, Faziesarchitektur, Sedimentpetrographie und Diagenese, Petrophysik, Geomechanik, Kluftreservoire, Log- und Bohrkernanalyse.

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(Geothermie-Allianz Bayern (GAB)):
GeoT/GeoE: Masterstudiengang "GeoThermie/GeoEnergie"
Prof. Dr. Harald Stollhofen
(01/01/2016 - 31/12/2020)
(Geothermie-Allianz Bayern (GAB)):
Reservoir: Charakterisierung, Langzeitverhalten und Engineering des Reservoirs zur Minimierung des Fündigkeitsrisikos
Prof. Dr. Harald Stollhofen; Prof. Dr. Axel Munnecke
(01/01/2016 - 31/12/2019)
(Geothermie-Allianz Bayern (GAB)):
Prof. Dr. Harald Stollhofen
(01/01/2016 - 31/12/2019)
Erkundung des geologischen Untergrundes in Nordost-Bayern als Grundlage zur Bewertung des geothermischen Potenzials
Prof. Dr. Helga de Wall; Prof. Dr. Harald Stollhofen
(01/09/2013 - 28/02/2017)

Assigned publications

Drews, M., Seithel, R., Savvatis, A., Kohl, T., & Stollhofen, H. (2019). A normal-faulting stress regime in the Bavarian Foreland Molasse Basin? New evidence from detailed analysis of leak-off and formation integrity tests in the greater Munich area, SE-Germany. Tectonophysics, 755, 1-9.
Kämmlein, M., & Stollhofen, H. (2019). Lithology-specific influence of particle size distribution and mineralogical composition on thermal conductivity measurements of rock fragments. Geothermics, 80, 119-128.
Drews, M., Hofstetter, P., Zosseder, K., Straubinger, R., Gahr, A., & Stollhofen, H. (2019). Predictability and controlling factors of overpressure in the North Alpine Foreland Basin, SE Germany: an interdisciplinary post-drill analysis of the Geretsried GEN-1 deep geothermal well. Geothermal Energy, 7(3), 24.
Drews, M., Bauer, W., Fazlikhani, H., Stollhofen, H., Kämmlein, M., Potten, M.,... De Wall, H. (2019). Ursachenforschung zur geothermischen Anomalie in Nordbayern. Geothermische Energie, 91, 10-13.
Drews, M., Bauer, W., Caracciolo, L., & Stollhofen, H. (2018). Disequilibrium compaction overpressure in shales of the Bavarian Foreland Molasse Basin: Results and geographical distribution from velocity-based analyses. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 92, 37-50.
Eberts, A., Schaarschmidt, A., Bauer, W., Stollhofen, H., & de Wall, H. (2018). Morphotectonic analysis of basement and cover units in eastern Bavaria, SE Germany - insights into the deeper crustal architecture? Poster presentation at GeoBonn 2018, University of Bonn, Bonn, DE.
Kämmlein, M., Bauer, W., & Stollhofen, H. (2017). New thermophysical data pool for NE-Bavaria reveals exceptionally high heat fluxes. In German Geothermal Congress GGC 2017 (pp. online). Munich.
Drews, M., Bauer, W., & Stollhofen, H. (2017). Reentering of an overpressured basin - The south German Molasse. In Proceedings of the 1st EAGE Workshop on Pore Pressure Prediction: At the Well Scale from Today to Tomorrow, State of the Art, Recent Progress and Technology Gap. European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers, EAGE.
Filomena, C., Hornung, J., & Stollhofen, H. (2013). Assessing accuracy of gas-driven permeability measurements: a comparative study of diverse Hassler-cell and probe permeameter devices. Solid Earth Discussions, 5, 1163-1190.

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