Modelling and Simulation

Lehrstuhl für Werkstoffwissenschaften (Werkstoffkunde und Technologie der Metalle)

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Markl, Matthias Dr.-Ing.

The group Modelling and Simulation develops and implements new software:

  • Process simulation of beam-based additive manufacturing in powder beds
  • Multi-criteria optimization for alloy development
  • Process simulation of foam formation

The aim is to explain process dependent phenomena and to predict new process strategies / alloys. Therefore, the underlying effects are physically modelled, numerically implemented and experimentally validated. Different numerical approaches are applied, like the lattice Boltzmann method, finite difference methods, cellular automata and probabilistic and deterministic search algorithms.

Related Project(s)

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Modeling and simulation of multi-material processing of metallic materials in beam-based additive manufacturing in the powder bed
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carolin Körner
(01/04/2019 - 30/09/2021)
(SFB 814: Additive Manufacturing):
SFB 814 (T02): Numerical modeling of local material properties and derived process strategies for powder-bed-based additive manufacturing of solid metallic glasses
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carolin Körner
(01/01/2018 - 28/02/2021)
Fundamental mechanisms and modeling of microstructure evolution during beam and powder bed-based additive manufacturing
Dr.-Ing. Matthias Markl
(06/06/2017 - 05/06/2020)
(Ein neue Generation einkristalliner Superlegierungen: Vom Atom zur Turbinenschaufel – Festigkeitssteigernde Elementarprozesse, verfahrenstechnische Grundlagen u. skalenübergreifende Modellierung):
SFB/TRR 103 (C07): Multi-criteria calculation of optimum compositions for single crystal superalloys
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carolin Körner; Dr.-Ing. Matthias Markl
(01/01/2016 - 31/12/2019)
(High Productivity Electron Beam Melting Additive Manufacturing Development for the Part Production Systems Market):
FastEBM: High Productivity Electron Beam Melting Additive Manufacturing Development for the Part Production Systems Market
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carolin Körner
(01/01/2014 - 31/12/2016)

Assigned publications

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Rausch, A., Markl, M., & Körner, C. (2018). Predictive simulation of process windows for powder bed fusion additive manufacturing: Influence of the powder size distribution. Computers & Mathematics With Applications.
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Markl, M., Lodes, M., Franke, M., & Körner, C. (2017). Additive Fertigung durch selektives Elektronenstrahlschmelzen. Schweissen und Schneiden, 69, 30-39.
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Klassen, A., Forster, V., Jüchter, V., & Körner, C. (2017). Numerical simulation of multi-component evaporation during selective electron beam melting of TiAl. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 247, 280-288.
Rausch, A., Küng, V., Pobel, C., Markl, M., & Körner, C. (2017). Predictive Simulation of Process Windows for Powder Bed Fusion Additive Manufacturing: Influence of the Powder Bulk Density. Materials, 10(10).
Rai, A., Helmer, H., & Körner, C. (2017). Simulation of grain structure evolution during powder bed based additive manufacturing. Additive Manufacturing, 13, 124-134.
Klassen, A. (2017). Simulation von Verdampfungsphänomenen beim selektiven Elektronenstrahlshmelzen (Dissertation).

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