Healthy Ageing: preventive approach

Professur für Psychogerontologie


Epidemiology and Health Reporting on Health in Old Age

Predictors and mechanisms on healthy aging

Interventions on healthy aging

Assigned publications

Spuling, S.M., Wurm, S., Tesch-Römer, C., & Huxhold, O. (2015). Changing Predictors of Self-Rated Health: Disentangling Age and Cohort Effects. Psychology and Aging, 30(2), 462-474.
Schüz, B., Tesch-Römer, C., & Wurm, S. (2015). District-Level Primary Care Supply Buffers the Negative Impact of Functional Limitations on Illness Perceptions in Older Adults with Multiple Illnesses. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 49(3), 463-472.
Spuling, S.M., Huxhold, O., Wurm, S., & Tesch-Römer, C. (2015). Predictors of Self-Rated Health: Does Education Play a Role Above and Beyond Age? Journals of Gerontology, Series B, 30(2), 462-474.
Wolff, J.K., Schüz, B., Westland, J.N., Tesch-Römer, C., Wurm, S., Schwarzer, R.,... Wolff, J.K. (2015). Regional resources buffer the impact of functional limitations on perceived autonomy in older adults with multiple illnesses. Psychology and Aging, 31(2), 139-148.

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