Geometric Modeling and 3D Reconstruction

Lehrstuhl für Informatik 9 (Graphische Datenverarbeitung)

FAU Contact:
Grosso, Roberto Dr.
Bauer, Frank Dr.-Ing.
Stamminger, Marc Prof. Dr.
Greiner, Günther Prof. Dr.


In Geometric Modeling, we examine methods to generate 3D-models (e.g. for later rendering or visualization), and to process and analyse these models.  This includes representations of 3D surfaces in a computer, and algorithms for the animation of these objects, or their physical simulation. To generate such 3D models from real world objects, we look into algorithms for 3D-reconstruction, where 3D-models are generated from images or with the help of more advanced sensors, in particular depth cameras such as the Microsoft Kinect.

Related Project(s)

OCEAN: Rechenleistungsoptimierte Software-Strategien für auf unstrukturierten Gittern basierende Anwendungen in der Ozeanmodellierung
Vadym Aizinger; Dr. Roberto Grosso; Prof. Dr. Harald Köstler
(01/01/2017 - 30/09/2020)
Bildforensik: Analyse der digitalen Integrität von Bildern und Videos
Dr.-Ing. Christian Riess; Prof. Dr. Marc Stamminger

Assigned publications

Thies, J., Zollhöfer, M., Stamminger, M., Theobalt, C., & Nießner, M. (2018). FaceVR: Real-Time Facial Reenactment and Eye Gaze Control in Virtual Reality. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 37(2).
Thies, J., Zollhöfer, M., Stamminger, M., Theobalt, C., & Nießner, M. (2018). HeadOn: Real-time Reenactment of Human Portrait Videos. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 37(4).
Thies, J., Zollhöfer, M., Stamminger, M., Theobald, C., & Nießner, M. (2016). Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos. In Proc. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) (pp. 2387-2395). Las Vegas.
Innmann, M., Zollhöfer, M., Nießner, M., Theobald, C., & Stamminger, M. (2016). VolumeDeform: Real-Time Volumetric Non-rigid Reconstruction. In Springer International Publishing (Eds.), ECCV 2016 - Proceedings of the European Conference on Computer Vision (pp. 362-379). Amsterdam, NL: Cham: Springer Verlag.

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