Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften

FAU Contact:
Schöffski, Oliver Prof. Dr.
Tauchmann, Harald Prof. Dr.


The aim of the research area ‘Health’ is to increase knowledge and find ways of applying it constructively in practice. Business research conducted on the management of cost-bearing institutions, health services, hospitals and pharmaceuticals is as much of a focus as economic research in areas such as evaluation. A key part of this is measuring the outcomes of health measures, as simple cost analysis is not enough. For this reason, qualitative effects of health services play a significant role for all aspects that are considered.

Assigned publications

Bünnings, C., Hafner, L., Reif, S., & Tauchmann, H. (2019). In Sickness an in Health? Health Shocks and Relationship Breakdown: Empirical Evidence from Germany.
Hafner, L., Reif, S., & Seebauer, M. (2017). Physician behavior under prospective payment schemes: Evidence from artefactual field and lab experiments.
Paloyo, A.R., Reichert, A.R., Reuss-Borst, M., & Tauchmann, H. (2015). Who responds to financial incentives for weight loss? Evidence from a randomized controlled trial. Social science & medicine, 145, 44–52.

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