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Maultzsch, Janina Prof. Dr.


Graphene is a one-atom thick lattice of carbon atoms with fascinating physical properties. It can be exfoliated from graphite and exists in freestanding form as a quasi-two-dimensional (2D) crystal. We investigate the vibrational and electronic properties of graphene and its derivatives, such as functionalized graphene, graphene nanoribbons, and graphene in combination with other layered materials.

Related Project(s)

(SFB 953: Synthetische Kohlenstoffallotrope):
B13 "Optische und strukturelle Eigenschaften von räumlich definierter Funktionalisierung in Kohlenstoff-Nanotubes und Graphen"
Prof. Dr. Janina Maultzsch

Assigned publications

Herziger, F., Tyborski, C., Ochedowski, O., Schleberger, M., & Maultzsch, J. (2018). Tunable quantum interference in bilayer graphene in double-resonant Raman scattering. Carbon, 133, 254-259.
Tyborski, C., Herziger, F., Gillen, R., & Maultzsch, J. (2015). Beyond double-resonant Raman scattering: Ultraviolet Raman spectroscopy on graphene, graphite, and carbon nanotubes. Physical Review B, 92(4).

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