Southern University of Science and Technology

University / College

Shenzhen Shi, China

Publications in cooperation with FAU scientists

Zhang, C., Heumüller, T., Leon, S., Gruber, W., Burlafinger, K., Tang, X.,... Brabec, C. (2019). A top-down strategy identifying molecular phase stabilizers to overcome microstructure instabilities in organic solar cells. Energy and Environmental Science, 12(3), 1078-1087.
Chao, P., Johner, N., Zhong, X., Meng, H., & He, F. (2019). Chlorination strategy on polymer donors toward efficient solar conversions. Journal of Energy Chemistry, 39, 208-216.
Zhang, C., Heumüller, T., Gruber, W., Almora, O., Du, X., Ying, L.,... Brabec, C. (2019). Comprehensive Investigation and Analysis of Bulk-Heterojunction Microstructure of High-Performance PCE11:PCBM Solar Cells. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 11(20), 18555-18563.
Yong, X., Thurston, R., & Ho, C.Y. (2019). Electronic Effects on Chiral NHC-Transition-Metal Catalysis. Synthesis (Germany), 51(10), 2058-2080.
Li, K., Han, M., Qu, D., Huang, Z., Long, G., Wan, Y.,... Laflamme, R. (2019). Measuring holographic entanglement entropy on a quantum simulator. npj Quantum Information, 5.

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