DMT GmbH & Co KG

Industry / private company

Essen, Germany

Publications in cooperation with FAU scientists

Dumperth, C., Rohn, J., Fleer, A., Wang Jin-Ge, ., Xiang Wei, ., & Zimmermann, K. (2016). An easy approach to assess the susceptibility of a landslide by utilizing simple raster overlay methods: A case study on Huangtupo landslide (P.R. China). Journal of Mountain Science, 13(10), 1701-1710.
Dumperth, C., Fleer, A., Xiang, W., & Rohn, J. (2016). Local-scale assessment of the displacement pattern of a densely populated landslide, utilizing finite element software and terrestrial radar interferometry: a case study on Huangtupo landslide (P.R. China). Environmental Earth Sciences, 75(10).
Strehmel, A., Schoenbrodt-Stitt, S., Buzzo, G., Dumperth, C., Stumpf, F., Zimmermann, K.,... Rohn, J. (2015). Assessment of geo-hazards in a rapidly changing landscape: the three Gorges Reservoir Region in China. Environmental Earth Sciences, 74(6), 4939-4960.

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