University of Paris 9 - Paris-Dauphine / Université Paris 9 Paris-Dauphine

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Paris, France

Publications in cooperation with FAU scientists

Neuhoff, K., Chiappinelli, O., Bataille, C., Haußner, M., Ismer, R., Joltreau, E.,... Stede, J. (2018). Filling gaps in the policy package to decarbonise production and use of materials. London.
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Mennini, F.S., Marcellusi, A., Von Der Schulenburg, J.M.G., Gray, A., Levy, P., Sciattella, P.,... Schmieder, R. (2015). Cost of poor adherence to anti-hypertensive therapy in five European countries. European Journal of Health Economics, 16(1), 65-72.

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