European Institute for Energy Research (EIFER)

Research facility

Karlsruhe, Germany

Publications in cooperation with FAU scientists

Luo, J., Xiang, W., Bayer, M., Prieß, A., Wilkmann, L., Steger, H.,... Rohn, J. (2015). Experimental investigation of a borehole field by enhanced geothermal response test and numerical analysis of performance of the borehole heat exchangers. Energy, 84, 473-484.
Myrttinen, A., Jeandel, E., Ukelis, O., Becker, V., van Geldern, R., Blum, P., & Barth, J. (2012). Stable carbon isotope techniques to quantify CO 2 trapping under pre-equilibrium conditions and elevated pressures and temperatures. Chemical Geology, 320-321, 46-53.

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