Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Forschungs- / Wissenschaftsorganisation

Standort der Organisation:
Chevy Chase, MD, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (USA)

Publikationen in Kooperation mit FAU-Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern

Thomson, B.R., Souma, T., Tompson, S.W., Onay, T., Kizhatil, K., Siggs, O.M.,... Quaggin, S.E. (2017). Angiopoietin-1 is required for Schlemm's canal development in mice and humans. Journal of Clinical Investigation.
Allison, R., Edgar, J.R., Pearson, G., Rizo, T., Newton, T., Guenther, S.,... Reid, E. (2017). Defects in ER-endosome contacts impact lysosome function in hereditary spastic paraplegia. Journal of Cell Biology, 216(5), 1337-1355.
Pyzik, M., Rath, T., Kuo, T.T., Win, S., Baker, K., Hubbard, J.J.,... Blumberg, R.S. (2017). Hepatic FcRn regulates albumin homeostasis and susceptibility to liver injury. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 114(14), E2862-E2871.
Souma, T., Tompson, S.W., Thomson, B.R., Siggs, O.M., Kizhatil, K., Yamaguchi, S.,... Young, T.L. (2016). Angiopoietin receptor TEK mutations underlie primary congenital glaucoma with variable expressivity. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 126(7), 2575-87.
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Aung, T., Ozaki, M., Mizoguchi, T., Allingham, R.R., Li, Z., Haripriya, A.,... Khor, C.-C. (2015). A common variant mapping to CACNA1A is associated with susceptibility to exfoliation syndrome. Nature Genetics, 47(4), 387-92.
Thievessen, I., Fakhri, N., Steinwachs, J., Kraus, V., McIsaac, R.S., Gao, L.,... Fabry, B. (2015). Vinculin is required for cell polarization, migration, and extracellular matrix remodeling in 3D collagen. The FASEB Journal, 29(11), 4555-67.

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