GET.ON Institut für Gesundheitstraining

Industry / private company

Hamburg, Germany

Research projects with FAU researchers

MHHP: Mobile Mental Health Promoter (MHHP): Wissenschaftliche Erforschung einer Gesundheits-App
Prof. Dr. Matthias Berking
(01/09/2016 - 31/08/2018)

Publications in cooperation with FAU scientists

Schlicker, S., Weisel, K., Buntrock, C., Berking, M., Nobis, S., Lehr, D.,... Ebert, D. (2019). Do Nonsuicidal Severely Depressed Individuals with Diabetes Profit from Internet-Based Guided Self-Help? Secondary Analyses of a Pragmatic Randomized Trial. Journal of Diabetes Research, 2019.
Kählke, F., Buntrock, C., Smit, F., Berking, M., Lehr, D., Heber, E.,... Ebert, D. (2019). Economic Evaluation of an Internet-Based Stress Management Intervention Alongside a Randomized Controlled Trial. JMIR Mental Health, 6(5).

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