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Islamabad, Pakistan

Publications in cooperation with FAU scientists

Shah, A.T., Zahid, S., Ikram, F., Maqbool, M., Chaudhry, A.A., Rahim, M.I.,... Rehman, I.u. (2019). Tri-layered functionally graded membrane for potential application in periodontal regeneration. Materials Science and Engineering: C, 103.
Basharat, M., Ali, A., Jadoon, I.A.K., & Rohn, J. (2016). Using PCA in evaluating event-controlling attributes of landsliding in the 2005 Kashmir earthquake region, NW Himalayas, Pakistan. Natural Hazards, 81(3), 1999-2017.
Agha, Z., Iqbal, Z., Kleefstra, T., Zweier, C., Pfundt, R., Qamar, R.,... Willemsen, M.H. (2015). A de novo microdeletion in NRXN1 in a Dutch patient with mild intellectual disability, microcephaly and gonadal dysgenesis. Genetics Research, 97, e19.
Agha, Z., Iqbal, Z., Azam, M., Siddique, M., Willemsen, M.H., Kleefstra, T.,... Van Bokhoven, H. (2014). A complex microcephaly syndrome in a Pakistani family associated with a novel missense mutation in RBBP8 and a heterozygous deletion in NRXN1. Gene, 538(1), 30-5.

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