Nationalmuseum für Naturgeschichte / Musée national d’histoire naturelle


Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Publications in cooperation with FAU scientists

Mariotti, N., Weis, R., di Cencio, A., Clément, A., & de Baets, K. (2012). New records of early Middle Jurassic belemnites in the French Subalpine Basin and their paleobiogeographic significance. Geobios, 45(1), 99-108.
Dera, G., Puceat, E., Pellenard, P., Neige, P., Delsate, D., Joachimski, M.,... Martinez, M. (2009). Water mass exchange and variations in seawater temperature in the NW Tethys during the Early Jurassic: evidence from neodymium and oxygen isotopes of fish teeth and belemnites. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 286, 198-207.

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