University of Maine

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Orono, ME, United States (USA)

Publications in cooperation with FAU scientists

Wolf, S., Lieberwirth, I., Natalio, F., Bardeau, J.-F., Delorme, N., Emmerling, F.,... Marin, F. (2012). Merging models of biomineralisation with concepts of nonclassical crystallisation: is a liquid amorphous precursor involved in the formation of the prismatic layer of the Mediterranean Fan Mussel Pinna nobilis? Faraday Discussions, 159, 433-448.
Halfar, J., Steneck, R.S., Joachimski, M., Kronz, A., & Wanamaker, A.D. (2008). Coralline red algae as high-resolution climate recorders. Geology, 36, 463-466.
Contucci, P., Kleban, P., & Knauf, A. (1999). A Fully Magnetizing Phase Transition. Journal of Statistical Physics, 97(3/4), 523-539.

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