Chungju National University

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Chungju, Korea, Republic of

Publications in cooperation with FAU scientists

Yoon, M.-S., Khansur, N.H., Lee, K.-S., & Park, Y.M. (2012). Compact size ultrasonic linear motor using a dome shaped piezoelectric actuator. Journal of Electroceramics, 28(2-3), 123-131.
Yoon, M.-S., Khansur, N.H., Lee, W.-J., Lee, Y.-G., & Ur, S.-C. (2011). Effects of AgSbO3 on the piezoelectric/dielectric properties and phase transition of Li2O doped NKN lead-Free piezoelectric ceramics. (pp. 801-804).
Yoon, M.-S., Khansur, N.H., & Ur, S.-C. (2010). The effect of pre-milling/pre-synthesis process and excess Ba on the microstructure and dielectric/piezoelectric properties of nano-sized 0.94[(Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3]-0.06[Ba(1+x)TiO3]. Ceramics International, 36(4), 1265-1275.
Yoon, M.-S., Khansur, N.H., Choi, B.-K., Lee, Y.-G., & Ur, S.-C. (2009). The effect of nano-sized BNBT on microstructure and dielectric/piezoelectric properties. Ceramics International, 35(8), 3027-3036.

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