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Saskatoon, Canada

Publications in cooperation with FAU scientists

Moulton, B.J.A., Henderson, G.S., Sonneville, C., O'Shaughnessy, C., Zuin, L., Regier, T., & de Ligny, D. (2016). The structure of haplobasaltic glasses investigated using X-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES) spectroscopy at the Si, Al, Mg, and O K-edges and Ca, Si, and Al L-2,L-3-edges. Chemical Geology, 420, 213-230.
Mayes, M.D., Bossini-Castillo, L., Gorlova, O., Martin, J.E., Zhou, X., Chen, W.V.,... Martin, J. (2014). Immunochip analysis identifies multiple susceptibility loci for systemic sclerosis. American Journal of Human Genetics, 94(1), 47-61.
Schmidt, N.A., Clark, T., Urquhart, S.G., & Fink, R. (2011). Electron-vibron coupling in halogenated acenaphthenequinone upon O K-edge soft x-ray absorption. Journal of Chemical Physics, 135(14).

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