Linde AG

Industry / private company

München, Germany

Publications in cooperation with FAU scientists

Bösmann, A., Enzenberger, F., Maaß, H.-J., & Wasserscheid, P. (2012). Catalyst system for steam reforming of methanol. Friedrich- Alexander- Universitaet, Germany; Linde AG ..
Taccardi, N., Assenbaum, D., Berger, M., Bösmann, A., Enzenberger, F., Woelfel, R.,... Wasserscheid, P. (2010). Catalytic production of hydrogen from glucose and other carbohydrates under exceptionally mild reaction conditions. Green Chemistry, 12(7), 1150.
Mokrushin, V., Assenbaum, D., Paape, N., Gerhard, D., Mokrushina, L., Wasserscheid, P.,... Göke, V. (2010). Ionic Liquids for Propene-Propane Separation. Chemical Engineering & Technology, 33(1), 63-73.

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