Lviv National Ivan Franko University

University / College

Lviv (Lember), Ukraine

Publications in cooperation with FAU scientists

Peukert, W., Kohut, A., Ranjan, S., Voronov, A., Tokarev, V., Bednarska, O., & Gevus, O. (2006). Design of a new invertible polymer coating on a solid surface and its effect on dispersion colloidal stability. Langmuir, 22(15), 6498-6506.
Peukert, W., Voronov, A., Kohut, A., Gevus, O., Tokarev, V., & Voronov, S. (2006). Invertible architectures from amphiphilic polyesters. Langmuir, 22(5), 1946-1948.

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