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Köln, Germany

Publications in cooperation with FAU scientists

Distaso, M., Zhuromskyy, O., Seemann, B., Pflug, L., Mackovic, M., Encina, E.R.,... Peukert, W. (2017). Interaction of light with hematite hierarchical structures: Experiments and simulations. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer, 189, 369-382.
Reiners, J., Kuhlmann, S., Rabe, V., Hufschmidt, J., Westerholt, A., Bösmann, A., & Wasserscheid, P. (2015). Method for removing chromium from material containing collagen and chromium. Lanxess Deutschland GmbH, Germany ..
Meßner, J., Schulz, P., Taccardi, N., Kuhlmann, S., & Wasserscheid, P. (2014). Isomerisation of 1,4-dichlorobenzene using highly acidic alkali chloroaluminate melts. Chemical Communications, 50(79), 11705-11708.
Dreisbach, C., Jentsch, J.-D., Heuer, L., Wasserscheid, P., Rittsteiger, A., & Mechelhoff, M. (2014). Method for manufacturing menthol by hydrogenation of thymol to menthone and hydrogenation on menthone to menthol. LANXESS Deutschland GmbH, Germany ..
Kuhlmann, S., Weber, H.-M., Böger, U., Wasserscheid, P., Schlenk, S., & Meßner, J. (2013). Method for the isomerization of substituted aromatic substances using a molten metal salt. LANXESS Deutschland GmbH, Germany ..

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