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Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Publications in cooperation with FAU scientists

Chandrajith, R., Weerasingha, A., Premaratne, K.M., Gamage, D., Abeygunasekera, A.M., Joachimski, M., & Senaratne, A. (2019). Mineralogical, compositional and isotope characterization of human kidney stones (urolithiasis) in a Sri Lankan population. Environmental Geochemistry and Health, xy(xy), 1-1.
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Chandrajith, R., Jayasena, H.A.H., van Geldern, R., & Barth, J. (2015). Assessment of land subsidence mechanisms triggered by dolomitic marble dissolution from hydrogeochemistry and stable isotopes of spring waters. Applied Geochemistry, 58, 97-105.
Chandrajith, R., Chaturangani, D., Abeykoon, S., Barth, J., van Geldern, R., Edirisinghe, E.A.N.V., & Dissanayake, C.B. (2014). Quantification of groundwater-seawater interaction in a coastal sandy aquifer system: A study from Panama, Sri Lanka. Environmental Earth Sciences, 72(3), 867-877.
Chandrajith, R., Barth, J., Subasinghe, N.D., Merten, D., & Dissanayake, C.B. (2013). Geochemical and isotope characterization of geothermal spring waters in Sri Lanka: Evidence for steeper than expected geothermal gradients. Journal of Hydrology, 476, 360-369.

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