Preis der Hans-Wilhelm- und Helga Schüßler-Stiftung 2016

Award year: 2016

Category: Other Award


Awarding organization: Hans-Wilhelm- und Helga Schüßler-Stiftung

PhD student Sanjukta Ghosh, M.Sc. has been awarded the prize of the "Hans-Wilhelm- und Helga Schüßler-Stiftung" 2016. She is from India and studied Computational Engineering with distinction at the FAU and is currently working on her PhD in Multimedia Multimedia and Signal Processing. She is involved in various social projects and also takes care of students from India who are new to the FAU. Her remarkable commitment and her outstanding achievements are honored by the "Hans-Wilhelm- und Helga Schüßler-Stiftung" with a grant of 1000 euros.